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Monday, October 6, 2008

Commercials = Movie Spoilers

If you wait long enough to see a movie, chances are a commercial or two will spoil some of the surprises that were previously advertised. Some of us have cable packages that enable us to watch films fairly soon after they come out, for a nominal fee. For those hard-core individuals who’re really into saving money, you can just wait until the film comes out on HBO, Cinemax, or even basic cable.

Especially in these harsh economic times, cutting costs wherever possible is a good idea. When the new Indiana Jones film came out, I didn’t go see it right away. In fact, I haven’t seen it at all yet. I was curious to see the reason they included a younger actor as a sort of sidekick. I’d heard a couple rumors and hints through various interviews that he could possibly continue the Indiana Jones saga all by himself, without Harrison Ford. I wondered why.


Yesterday I saw an ad that made it very clear that he was Indiana Jones’s son. I guess it makes sense that DVD sellers would want to hype up the film again, and in order to exceed previous hype levels they have to throw in another tidbit or two. It’s just too bad that waiting to see a movie can lessen its intended impact.

I’m sure I’ll still enjoy it. After all, Indiana Jones is tops.

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