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Monday, September 22, 2008

Full Screen vs. Wide Screen

When I was a kid I hated wide screen movies. I couldn't wrap my head around them. Why were those black bars blocking the sky and ground? It was limiting. I chose full screen.

When I got older I finally realized that full screen is truly the limited format, as it chops off the left and right to fit a rectangular film into a square TV. The top and bottom are the same whether you choose wide screen or full screen, but with wide screen you can see further left and right.

So now I love wide screen. I also think it's neat how some flat screen TVs are being made in the wide screen shape.

Here's a Mad TV video detailing the benefits of wide screen:

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Live Action Dragon Ball Z Film

I don't have many details on this film. I'm sure it would be pretty easy to look them up. The main reason I decided to mention it is because I recently saw a couple of pictures that blew my mind.

They were mind-blowing because I had pretty much forgotten about the film, and seeing a picture with proof of production made me wonder -- will the film be good? It looks like the special effects will be.

So it seems like the son from "War of the Worlds" (Tom Cruise's character's son) is a young Goku. They did a great job with his hair. In one image I saw, he's holding an orb of energy. At first I thought he was creating a ball of pure power, but then I got the impression it was a Dragon Ball. Neat. It's real. The movie is real!

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