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Monday, May 19, 2008

Indiana Jones 4: Judgment Day

I saw an "extended" preview on Fox last night. Just a regular trailer, but with all the secrecy of the film, and the quick, short trailers I was used to, this longer one was great.

Especially since we've got DVR. I slowed it down and noticed a few things.

I knew Karen Allen was in it, but I didn't know how much. I saw her in a car/boat that went off a cliff, and then maybe in the same vehicle going over a waterfall. In that vehicle also were Indy himself, Shia LaBeouf, another guy, and I believe Indy's friend who visited him at the school where he teaches in the first and third films.

Indy's friend looked like he had long hair! But maybe it wasn't him. It has been 18 years, after all, and he already seemed a tad bit old. But maybe...

In a previous ad, I'd seen a crate marked with "Roswell." I'd read that originally the film was meant to be about outer space and stuff. But Spielberg and Ford said no.

However, in the ad last night, it looked like we were seeing the same place where the crate had been filed away from the end of Raiders. That gigantic warehouse? Well, in the ad, two massive doors open. It looks like a hangar. And on the two doors is the number 51. Area 51, Baby!

In the ad, they said an evil empire wanted the newest weapon. If it's not Nazis, then who?

Harrison Ford still looks great. Long live Indiana Jones.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Smallville Episodes Are Like Movies

One or two seasons ago, when "Smallville" tried to play up the superhero universe idea and introduced a bunch of random superheroes to the show, it seemed like it was getting pretty corny. But then, they strayed from that path, and even reduced some of the dialogue. The direction took an entirely new route, and focused on visual spectacle, and implicit dramatic meaning in the action. The show regained it's lost glory, and soared to new heights.

I just watched the latest episode (I believe) in which Clark visits a parallel world where he never existed, where Lana Lang is married, and where Lex Luthor is President. The Luthors discovered Kara's ship and indoctrinated her into the Luthor lifestyle. She now serves Lex, who is being controlled by Brainiac, and who ultimately nukes the world during the course of the episode.

Clark then goes back in time to the day Krypton exploded, and travels to Krypton in order to prevent Brainiac from killing Clark's infant self.

Then Krypton exploded.

It was wild! Just like a movie. It seemed to last as long, because it held your attention throughout the episode. Clark even got to meet a human named Clark Kent who took his place in the Kent household (where Clark's father was still alive).

I enjoyed when Clark met the alternate reality Lois Lane. Since she didn't have any preconceptions to get in the way, she decided Clark was worthy in a romantic sense. So that proves there's hope.

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